Bear About Town by Stella Blackstone - Book Review

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Over the summer, I continue to read board books to my 15 month old Grandson. He has discovered that grabbing the sturdy pages of board books is a delightful experience because he can turn pages over and over by himself... what fun!

This Friday I will be returning to the Farmer's Market to sell my organic haas avocados and this sweet, delightful family of bears will be coming along for the ride to the market... which brings to my mind another Barefoot Book that's an easy read called Bear About Town by Stella Blackstone and illustrated by Debbie Harter.

The book starts off with "Bear goes to town every day" and on the very first page Debbie illustrates in bright colors bear leaving his house. To be specific, it's bears honey house with potted tulips, a sunflower and busy bees all around.
"On Monday, he goes to the bakery." Now, it's not just any bakery, but bear chooses Grandma's Bakery with wonderful sights of cupcakes, plates of delicious looking cookies and many loaves of bread and bread sticks... yummy!
Bear About Town
Walk down to town with Bear and discover all the different businesses and settings. The rhyming text teaches days of the week, and is complemented by a full-spread map of the town at the end.

Ages 1 to 4 years

Written By: Stella Blackstone

Illustrated By: Debbie Harter

5+ stars

What I like most is that this colorful and easy-to-follow book teaches preschool-aged children days of the week while simultaneously introducing new buildings and places around town. With only a few words on each page, the book is made up largely of illustrations which keeps kids interested. Plus the map of the town covers two full pages. It's fun to start from Bee Lane, past the Clock Tower Roundabout, through High Street, over to Bear Square, a quick right to Wriggly Road and you've landed yourself at Splash Alley!

Happy summer reading!

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