Review-Whole World Fun Eco Activities - Paperback

Eco-quiz, minibeasts word search, recycling game, draw your ideal home… Children will love these green puzzles and hands-on ideas for saving our planet. Perfect for earth-conscious youngsters when paired with the Whole World book.

Do you know in which continent or ocean the animals on this page can be found?

Eco facts! Did you know...
Half the world's animal and plant species live in forests.
A quarter of the world is covered by mountains.
This wonderful activity book is for ages 4-9
The illustrator, Christopher Corr, is a painter and illustrator based in London. He travels the world painting people, colorful places and beautiful buildings.

For more reading about this wonderful artist

Christopher was born in London and studied at The Royal College of Art.
His round the world travels provide much inspiration for his work.

Christopher has worked on numerous commissions including a Royal Mail millennium stamp about the UN Peace-Keeping Force in Bosnia.
In 1996-97 he was artist for Qantas and produced paintings, posters and prints. He has also painted posters and cards and other items for London Transport, National Aids Trust, PeTA, Habitat and Ikea , UNICEF, eurostar and Saks.
Here are Christopher's paintings

Did you know that Butterflies hear sounds through their wings? And that Glow-worms are flying beetles? These are just a few samples of Eco facts found in this book! I love this activity book and I learned a lot about animals. Plus, the price is very reasonable and the quality of the book is great! I am very pleased with the information and pictures.

This paperback activity book was $4.99 Special offer price is now $3.99

Did you know... sadly that many animals are endangered either because of hunting or climate change. Children will learn what animals from their continent are vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered... such as the loggerhead Turtle, Giant Panda, California Condor, Polar Bear and many more. This is a great activity book. I give it 5 stars!
The pages of this book have been printed on 100% recycled paper.
Have fun... Celebrate Earth Day!

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