Ideas on How to Celebrate Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! (Tomorrow)
* Earth Day Children's Activity Books and Coloring Books
One of our most popular publications for young children, this is an 11-page coloring book full of tips for making the Earth a better place. Download a printable copy and feel free to make as many copies as you'd like.

In addition to the free coloring book, you'll find lots of free environmental education materials at:

* Earth Day Poems and Songs

Here is a collection of Earth Day songs. I hope you can use them at home, in your classroom or your daycare to help the children celebrate Earth Day. My favorite is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

These are some simple examples that can be discussed:
Recycle: We should not throw cans, bottles and newspapers into landfills. These items can be recycled. Don't throw those shoe boxes away -- they can become toy dioramas or doll houses. Discuss how these items get recycled.
Reuse: We don't always need a new piece of paper or a new t-shirt. We can try to reuse what we already have. We can help keep trash out of the landfills. How can a piece of paper be reused? Example: We can use the comics to use as wrapping paper, print the templates in this web site on the blank/clean side of junk mail or other discarded paper material. How can a T-shirt be reused - many pieces of fabric from T-shirts can make a great quilt!
Reduce - Every home can reduce the amount of waste/garbage it produces and the landfills would last years longer. Composting is one way of reducing -- explain how you can help and/or are helping to reduce.
* Seashore Collage

Instructions and Suggestions can be found here:

* Celebrate Earth Day!
These books help children become more aware of the natural world and of our role as its caretakers. More of Barefoot Eco books

* Barefoot Book of Earth Tales

* Forest of Stories
Magical Tree Tales from Around the World

* Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon

* Home for a Tiger, Home for a Bear

For further reading on Earth Day posts:

* US Gov't Earth Day:

* Links to federal government Web sites for kids related to Earth Day and the environment.

Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program's Education Center:

Endangered species: games and how you can help.

Energy Hogbusters: learn how to outsmart the hogs that waste energy

Energy Information Administration's Energy Ant: learn all about where we get our energy and how we use it

Environmental Protection Agency's Kids Club: games and activities about environmental issues

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Kids' pages: play games, read stories, sing along, and color.

National Institutes of Health: Tox Mystery

National Park Service WebRangers: fun and activities in our National Parks.

Nature Watch: see animals in action.

Roofus the Dog's Solar and Efficient Neighborhood: make your home energy smart.

Sci4Kids: stories about plants and bugs.

S.K.Worm: he'll answer your questions about dirt. for Kids: a portal to lots of kids' resources.

Guess I'll head on over to Walgreens tomorrow and get my free reusable shopping bag. Celebrate Earth Day!
~ LadyD

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