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One of my piano students is also learning the guitar. These young boys and girls read sheet music, as well as chord charts. It's amazing how quickly one can learn to play a song with just three chords. Maybe you can add these to your class list or homeschool resources.

Singing in the Shower

C    Am             Dm     G  C  Am             Dm      G
Singin' in the shower, singin' in the shower.
C    Am            Dm       G
Singin' in the shower,
      Dm                  G7
I'm singin' in the shower again.

C   D   G                         Am                        Bm              Am
Every morning when I wake up, well my voice is all wrong,
                G                  Am                        Bm    Am
You can hardly even hear me sing my song.
         G                      Am                       Bm              C
But I step into the shower, there's a whole new sound,
      Am                   D7                  G
As soon as the water's comin' down.

Singin' in the shower. Singin' in the shower.
Siiiiiingin' in the shower. I'm singin' in the shower again.

Oh, the shiny silver sprayer makes a perfect microphone,
I could really be terrific with a band of my own.
I hear those backup singers... Is it my imagination?
Just listen to that great reverberation.

Singin'...Oh, the mirrors' getting' foggy.
(Shower)Singin'...And the drums are getting soggy.
(Shower) Singin'...I'm happiest when
I'm singin' in the shower again!

I like the shimmer of the tile and the rhythm like rain,
When the new day comes, I've just got to entertain.
I bring so much emotion to every single refrain!
(Pause...)It's a shame to see this talent goin' right down the drain.

Now one day I may be singin' Oh! In Carnegie Hall
And you'll be sure that I'll be bringin' (yeah!) my own shower stall.
We wearin' waterproof tuxedos... maybe purple satin Speedos.
Or I'm not singin' there at all!

Siiiiiingin'...and in the big finale
Siiiingin'...I sound just like Frankie Valley
Oh, singin' I-yi-yi-yiyi. I'm singin' in the shower again!

Oh, I... I like to sing high...!
But I... get cold by and by...
Oh, I... I just wanna be dry!

Singin' in the shower...
Singin' in the shower (repeat)

Credit: Michael Ford, Sandra Boynton

BarefootBooks-LadyD l Blue Moo '62

Blue Moo '62

D                          Bm                     Em              A
Tell me, have you heard a sound, sad and far away?
D                Bm                    Em                 A
Maybe it is calling you. But who can ever say-ee-ay?
D                    Bm        Em                 A
Is it really magic? Oh, this I know is true;
            G        A                 D
It's the Blue, Blue-hoo-oo Moo - oo 

Credit: Sandra Boynton and Michael Ford

BarefootBooks-LadyD l This Little Piggy

This Little Piggy

This little piggy went to market,
This little piggy stayed home,
This little piggy had roast beef,
This little piggy had none,
C                                       F                      G7             C
And this little piggy cried "wee wee wee" all the way home.

Credit: Linda Seamons

For more information, take a look at Blue Moo.

Happy reading and singing!

-- LadyD

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