Book Review: I Could Be, You Could Be

I Could Be, You Could Be: Book Review

I Could Be, You Could Be

Join a young boy and girl on thrilling adventures as they imagine themselves as space-traveling astronauts, ferocious dragons, jungle-dwelling monkeys and more. The fine line between children's make-believe and the fantastic worlds they create is cleverly portrayed through Barroux’s bright landscapes.
Ages 2 to 6 years

About The Book

Illustrations and rhyming text encourage readers to picture themselves becoming a variety of people and things, from an astronaut to an elephant to an alien. Includes instructions for making masks.
I Could Be, You Could Be

The story begins...

"I could be the king or queen making all the rules, You could be a dragon guarding all the jewels."
The story ends... Oh, I'm not telling! You'll love it!

What a delightful book that sparks the imagination, exploring so many areas of creativity, that fuels the conversation with endless possibilities! The storyline helps the child discover self-acceptance and purpose while dressing up and make believing. Great rhyming text. The illustrations are breathtaking with colorful blues and greens. The last page fosters an engaging craft of mask making. This is a fun book for young children.

4/5 stars!

I Could Be, You Could Be

Happy Reading!

-- LadyD

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