Butterflies in the Butterfly Garden

Barefoot Books-LadyD: Creepy Crawly Calypso

I'm geared up for back-to-school piano lessons! That's right, I'll be teaching preschool children, beginners, intermediate players, and adults too. As summer draws near to an end, I am continually amazed at earth's beautiful creatures, the elegant free-flowing butterfly. Here are a few snippets I came across this morning...

Barefoot Books-LadyD: Kid's Garden

Butterflies in the Butterfly Garden

Just to taste what the other
world is like - outside the garden's
nettled roof and walls - they hitch
a ride on your back and shoulders.

Blue and pearly-colored fellows,
maidens etched in white and black.
And the monarchs' cousins,
yellow and navy swallowtails.

A pair rests on your fingertips,
They sit so still - their wings papery
petals - you only know they're alive,
because you're barely breathing, too.

By Sharon Chmielarz

The Blue Morpho

The Common Blue Morpho 

When a flattering friend pays you a 
visit, it might be tempting to touch those colorful wings but doing so
can make life difficult for the butterfly.
Its wings and body are covered with thousands of tiny scales that
overlap like shingles on a roof.
These scales provide colors and patterns to camouflage the butterfly
from predators. They also shed water and help make the wings
strong. But they come loose easily. If you touch a butterfly's wing, the 
"powder" you see on your hand is really scales that have fallen off.

By Jacqueline Adams

Caterpillar with Orange Wedges

Meadow Mystery

While dragons soar overhead,
monarchs dine at my table,
My magic milk protects them
from enemies.
Clouds fill my pockets,
My coins bring good fortune to all.
Who am I? (the milkweed)

By Kathy Kennedy Tapp

Butterfly Wings

Some Favorites

Banded Purple Wing
Belus Swallowtail
Common Blue Morpho
Giant Owl
Grecian Shoemaker
Gulf Fritillary
Orange Julia
Paper Kite
Pink Rose Swallowtail
Tailed Jay
Tiger Longwing
Zebra Longwing


You'll find trombone-blowing dragonflies and piano-tinkling centipedes inside the pages of this delightful Barefoot Book,  Creepy Crawly Calypso. You can purchase the book, here.

Happy reading and butterfly watching!

-- LadyD
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