What Shapes Do You See?

Ships At Sea: Barefoot Books-LadyD

One of the cool things about visiting Santa Barbara is discovering exciting ocean liners and sailboats!

"All aboard! Come along with me! Let's see what shapes we can find on the sea."

Book Illustration: Ship Shapes l Barefoot Books-LadyD

Out At Sea: Barefoot Books-LadyD

I have four charming grandsons and they love to look out on the water and talk about the movement out at sea. Oh, how we love our beautiful Pacific Ocean! Our boys are mesmerized by the size and shapes of the vessels that ride upon the sea!

Sailboats: Barefoot Books-LadyD

At Oceanside Harbor, we have the opportunity to walk around the jetty, admire all the boats and then head to the playground for some fun!

As I reflected on some of the photos, I was reminded of a cool book called Ship Shapes for children, ages 1-4. This exciting book is available in paperback and sturdy board book. The author Stella Blackstone has written many other books as well.

About The Book

Spot the shapes atop rolling waves and on sandy shores. This sea-based early learning selection features rhyme and repetition, as well as a full-page summarizing the shapes for reinforced learning.

My Thoughts

One particular grandson, our Riley who is 4-years-old, loves to engage in the learning activity of identifying triangles and rectangles. He gets excited when he points to the boats and counts aloud how many there are. The best part of the book is the colorful illustrations. Plus, you will see a sea monster's tail, a green submarine, and beautiful island treasure. This is a fun book for preschool.

Order Ship Shapeshere.

Happy Summer!

-- LadyD

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