A-Hunting We Will Go

A-Hunting We Will Go: Barefoot Books-LadyD

Here on the ranch, we have lots of trees in the grove for kids to climb on. Hiding under the rocks, boys can find tons of scampering bugs. The great outdoors beckons all of my 5 grandchildren to play outdoors. One song that comes to mind is A-Hunting We Will Go and then, of course, Little White Duck. I'm sure you've heard them before!

Off to School We Go

Sung to: A-Hunting We Will Go

Off to school we go,
It's off to school we go.
          C                            F
We'll take our lunch and ride the bus,
          C       G         C
With everyone we know.
Off to school we go,
It's off to school we go.
        C                 F
We learn our ABC's and more,
          C       G         C
With everyone we know.

It's Off to Lunch We Go

Sung to: A Hunting We Will Go

It's off to lunch we go,

It's off to lunch we go.

The food tastes very yummy,
                      C       F
And helps us all to grow.

photo credit: Teaching Baby Blue via photopin (license)

Little White Duck: Barefoot Books-LadyD

Welcome to Our Class

Sung to: Little White Duck

C   F
It's time to meet Adam,
Who's come to our class.

It's time to meet Adam,
Who's starting school today.
       Bb                                            F
We know that we'll have so much fun,
          G7                                              C7
That we'll say to ourselves when the day is done,
F                                                    C7
Hurray, Adam came to be in our class.
      C           C7       F
Hurray, hurray, hurray.

Substitute the name of your new student or the name of a visitor for the name Adam.

photo credit: Duck 1 via photopin (license)

Awhile back I reviewed a fantastic book, Paper Sack PuppetsPuppetry is an old and respected art form but it is also just plain fun. This book presents dozens of original patterns for a particular kind of puppet--those made from paper sacks. Those brown (or white) paper bags generations of students have used to tote lunch to school prove to be an inexpensive base on which to create puppets that can be used to teach as well as entertain. Along with the patterns are related activities, music, poems, book lists, and games. Chock full of great ideas and clear instructions, the book will become a valuable resource for teachers, librarians, and parents.

Paper Sack Puppets: 60+ Easy Patterns and Activities for Librarians, Teachers and Parents 

Happy reading and singing!

-- LadyD

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