Bugs on the Wall

Sunday School Classroom

A Bug's Life

One of the Sunday School rooms has a bug theme on the wall. I love the artwork in this classroom.

Photos for Sally's meme, Blue Monday

Bugs on the wall

The painted blue sky with puffy white clouds adds a cute dimension. I read somewhere that if you paint the ceiling the same color as the wall, visually you create a larger room. I like the idea.

Blue chairs and blue bug in classroom

Our church was so fortunate to hire a professional artist, Anna Parker who paints beautiful murals. For more information, visit her website http://muralistsandiego.com/

green bug surrounded by blue sky

This is such a happy bug! So cute and inspiring artwork on the wall, for the children to learn new things. Back in 2010 I wrote a post, Green Elephants Garden Sculptures and really didn't know what I was doing on blogger. My photos were so small and yet it was these particular garden sculptures that were often pinned on Pinterest from my blog.

Photo Editing for Mandarin Orange Monday

By the way, you may want to stop by Lori's blog (our hostess) and wish her an early "Happy B'day"!

burgundy bug on the wall

1. Original photo

photo edit for mandarin orange monday

2. Color Boost
3. Overlay
4. Blue Green Paint 110%

I have fond memories of my son at an early age, and now my 4 grandsons collecting bugs... yes, and eating them, too! Is it the same with you?

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