Mother Goose Remembers

goose behind fence

two geese at bates nut farm

While making a quick stop to Bates Nut Farm for some dates, I spotted these geese at the children's petting zoo. Unfortunately, these lovely birds were fenced in and I wondered if my camera lens would focus on them instead of the metal chain link fence. My heart was broken when I looked into the bird's eyes. He seemed to be all alone, honking in pain, "Get me out of here!" Perhaps I threatened him as I moved closer to his guarded territory. After awhile, I noticed there were many birds and soon the whole place escalated with a chorus of boisterous 'bird bonks'! So, I said my goodbyes rather hastily and did manage to rest my lens between the spaces to get better photos later on.

Here's a bit of photo editing for Mandarin Orange Monday

Clare Beaton's Mother Goose Remembers

This particular book falls under the category of Best Books for Babies. A beautiful hardcover book, and the Winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award, Clare Beaton's Mother Goose Remembers makes a beautiful gift for babies - 5 years old. The music is sweet and wonderful.

Mother Goose Remembers

Enjoy the rhythms and cozy warmth of the forty-six nursery rhymes in this nostalgic collection. This treasured gift book features a feather from the plumage of Mother Goose hidden on every page, waiting to be found by youngsters. Book with CD edition includes songs and rhymes performed by Caroline Butler, Charles Spicer, Nick Hooper and Dave Townsend.

Best Books for Babies, Beginning with Books
NCSS-CBC Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People
Illustrated By: Clare Beaton
Sung By: Charles Spicer, Nick Hooper, Caroline Butler, Dave Townsend

Peak Inside

children's book illustrations

clare beaton illustrations

book for babies

These wonderful illustrations are from the talented author, Clare Beaton.


child's craft activity

Next help the kids edge their patchwork quilts in plain colored paper strips. On the strips, help them write the names of the nursery rhymes in their collage.

To create a larger patchwork, gather together all the individual patchworks and hang them on the wall.

craft supplies

Mother Goose Remembers HC w CD

Happy Reading!

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” — C. S. Lewis
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