A Little Sun and Lots of Snow

snow fun


child's knitted cap and nylon jacket

snow fall in Maine

front porch covered in snow

a winter's walk outdoors

inside the mud room

rosey cheeks
grandson sitting in chair

 By now, you've heard about the NE Blizzard or perhaps you are affected by it. We have family who are right in the midst of this huge predicted snow storm. Thank the Lord, they were well prepared and found themselves without power for just a little while. In the meantime, before the winds picked up and the storm hit their area, here's a look at our grandson enjoying the outdoors in his blue sweater, snowsuit and cap. How little Noah loves trucking through the snow. Last we heard, the snow had reached their door knob. Soon, after all settles down, they'll be outdoors shoveling their beautiful winter wonderland around! Gosh, here in SoCal, we don't even have a "mud room."

How is it where you are? Above series of photos posted for Blue Monday
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orange clothing adorned by daughter and granddaughter

This series of shots is all about a little lizard on the wall. I think you can read the story on their faces!

mom consoling daughter's fears

brave granddaughter

joy of discovering lizards outside

pointing with index finger

acceptance of the reptile world

On the far side of the grove towards the old avocado wood pile, lies an orange wheelbarrow. Awhile back, our west coast weather had been pleasantly nice for outdoor play. Here, you'll find my granddaughter not sure about the pesky lizard on the wall, while her mama is assuring her that this friendly little lizard was happily sunning himself and was more afraid of her in size! My granddaughter sure looks cute in her orange clogs. I have a pair for gardening, do you? Photos for Mandarin Orange Monday

Book Recommendations

"Joyful verse relates the many ways to enjoy snow. First graders will love it."--Chicago Tribune.  


Drawn from countries and cultures around the world, these wonderful wintry stories express the magnificence of the season. From a group of courageous Russian animals to a legend about a bag of warmth that can keep winter away forever, these cozy stories will keep out the winter chill.

Fireside Stories

valentine card for girl
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valentine card for boy
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Happy Valentine's Day, dear readers!

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” — C. S. Lewis
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  1. Lot's of snow day fun! Love those rosy cheeks.

  2. Brr . . . without power? Brr!

    Thanks for sharing these blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, D.

    1. Yep, but all is well now. Thanks for stopping by, Sally!

  3. bluetiful! love those rosy cheeks:-)

    1. He is quite the little guy wanting to play outside! Thanks for coming over Laura.

  4. How cute! Glad to hear you're doing ok after the snow storm.

    1. The family is having lots of snow shoveling days! Thanks for commenting, Pie!

  5. You have adorable grandson and grand daughter. Very sweet and touching pictures:)

  6. A very pretty little girl made even prettier in orange! I like the contrast with the very green grass too.Thank you for taking part in Mandarin Orange Monday:)


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