Monster Trucks

monster truck

 Well we went to the Del Mar Fairgrounds to see the Monster Trucks. Have you ever been? Oh my, so much excitement for one evening and my grandson loved every minute of it, especially all the colorful sights and loud sounds. I'm not so thrilled to see the name on this truck but it's the right color for Blue Monday. O.k., it kind of makes me chuckle. All 3 of my grandlittles have tons of little matchbox cars in their collection, that to see trucks this enormous, is such a treat!

big truck tires

Seeing the size of those humungous tires was so thrilling to see for all the young boys that were seated along our row. I thought the color of this monster truck was great for Mellow Yellow Monday.

Over and over, those trucks just kept rolling over cars and huge piles of dirt!

Inside the buildings on the fairgrounds, there was a car show going on. How I love car shows, whether old woodies, sports cars or new models. This one is for Mandarin Orange Monday

You'll find endless reading on monster trucks with children's books and adult ones, too. Here's an example with some other ones below.

Monster Trucks! (Step into Reading)

So, that was our weekend happenings. What have you been up to?

Happy Fall, everyone!

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” — C. S. Lewis
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    1. Sweet Sally, the link is on my post; sorry, you must have missed it but I'll head on over to your blog and see what's up!

  2. Oh, this would be a great event to watch!

    Visiting from Mandarin Orange Monday, here's my Orange

    1. Thanks for visiting today. I'll come visit you! :=)

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    1. It was very cool to see, just a tad noisy for me but oh, do the guys love this!

  4. I've never experienced this, but I know many have. Sorry I messed up your link earlier!

    Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, D.

  5. Those are beautiful captures. Visiting from MYM.

  6. My son would be thrilled to watch this event!

    My BLUE
    Your comment is always a delight to read.

  7. I bet that was a fun event! and loud too :)

  8. What an amazing assortment of trucks! The one you shared on MoM looks very beautiful - majestic even- with that glowing orange and the gold under it. Thank you for being part of Mandarin Orange Monday:)


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