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 We have had a wonderful summer and as it comes to an end, our weekend has been a relaxing one.  Hope you Labor Day is a good one, with family and friends. I am getting organized now and preparing for piano lessons, starting on Tuesday. Do you have any family members that have headed off to school? Wishing you and yours a wonderful school year ahead!

motivational poster

 I love this colorful, motivational poster by Laura Candler and for me, I find the words to be so true.

summer squash

Crooknecks and zucchini were in abundance again this year and as always, distributed to friends and family. I sure do enjoy sauteed veggies, sometimes with a little Parmesan Cheese.

squash blossom

I have not tried this myself, but I have heard of eating Nasturtium flowers and other edible blossoms.
Have you cooked with them? Check out the Gourd Lady.

One of my piano students' grandfather owns a gourd ranch and every summer he would host the annual gourd art show. He has now retired from all of the activities but I have fond memories of driving out to the canyon and valley of De Luz, seeing acres of harvested gourds of all shapes and sizes. It's amazing what the artists can make with gourds. Maybe I can find more pics and post more on this subject. I'm linking up with Blue Monday and Mellow Yellow Monday

orange bulb

Lovely orange lily bulb multiplies in my yard and I don't seem to mind one bit. Linking with Mandarin Orange Monday

Last but not least, a list of children's books on Labor Day can be found here.

Warm Regards,

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” — C. S. Lewis
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  1. No one left in this empty nest to go to school! Happy Blue Monday, D.

  2. Vernice post. Wish I had some of the squash.

  3. the gourds are cute!
    funny gourd lady.:p

  4. I love the quote and the zucchini blossoms!

    My YELLOW post.
    Have a great week ahead!

    1. Visiting this time from Mandarin Orange Monday.

      My Orange post is about a Frowning Tomato. Come and see. Have a great week ahead!

  5. So beautiful!

    My blue is a Tomato Hornworm, hope you'd come and see.

  6. I wouldn't mind one bit if they multiplied in MY backyard! It is a lovely photograph and thanks for sharing it on Mandarin Orange Monday:)


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