Good Bye Summer, Hello September!

Grandson's First Day of Kindergarten!

How do you get to school?

Ruby's School Walk
Ruby's walk to school is far from ordinary! Have a look:

Kathryn White, Author

Miriam Latimer, Illustrator

Hardcover for $10.99 Sept. Sale

About The Book

Join Ruby on her way to school and see the world her mom cannot see. In an old house, she spies bats with red eyes peering out and scary witches that flit about. And these aren’t the only dangers on her path: tigers, crocodiles and mighty beasts abound! "I must be brave, I must be strong," chants Ruby as she musters the nerve to scare them off; but will it work?

Ages 4 to 7 years 

Book Review:

This book is about a little girl, Ruby, who walks to school with her mom passing by streams, woods, pets and vacant houses and the things she conjures up as she goes. Her mom continues to dismiss her active imagination and Ruby has to "be brave and strong" in order to ward off the offending threats. When she finally arrives at school she finds she isn't feeling so brave after all. Her mom is there to give her confidence a boost and she enters class to find a room full of surprise visitors. A terrific tale that's been requested time after time by my preschooler. A great addition to any new school year. -- Kyla

About The Author - Illustrator

Kathryn White
Kathryn White is a children's author from Wells, Somerset in the UK. Her books include Here Comes the Crocodile, When They Fight and Click Clack Crocodile's back. 

Miriam Latimer

Miriam Latimer is an illustrator and author of childrens books. She has had books published with Hodder, Barefoot Books and Kingfisher.

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