5 A Day Books: Travel and Adventure

Yippee! I'm off for vacation!

Very soon now, this Grandma will be heading for vacation time with family. Have you been enjoying your summer as well? One of the necessary items to pack for the trip are selections of music and of course, a variety of paperback adventure books. Here are just a few children's books and they can be purchased at my marketplace.

1. Off We Go to Mexico!

An Adventure in the Sun

Travel to Mexico and discover its many wonders, from the amazing monarch butterflies in the Highlands to a mariachi show in the village square. The rhyme and lyricism of the text is complemented by endnotes about the history of the country, national fiestas, and a glossary of simple Spanish vocabulary.
Ages 4 to 10 years
Written By: Laurie Krebs
Illustrated By: Christopher Corr

 A trip to a foreign land, what fun!


2. My Granny Went to Market


A Round-the-World Counting Rhyme

Fly away with Granny and count with her from one to ten as she spins around the world on an unforgettable shopping trip. This colorful, rhyming story is followed by a counting page for reinforced learning.
Ages 3 to 7 years
Written By: Stella Blackstone
Illustrated By: Christopher Corr

Also available in Spanish, Abuelita Fue Mercado. Was $6.99 Now $4.99

Christopher Corr's artwork is so impressive!

3. We're Riding on a Caravan


An Adventure on the Silk Road

Join the caravan for an exciting yearlong trek along China's ancient Silk Road. Following the rhyming, treasure-filled story are informational end notes about the history of the Silk Road, the story of silk, important cities of China, and a full-spread map.
Ages 4 to 10 years
Written By: Laurie Krebs
Illustrated By: Helen Cann

What a gorgeous trip traveling to Asia! 

4. We're Sailing Down the Nile


A Journey Through Egypt

Set sail along the mighty Nile River to experience the wonders of Egypt. The lilting, rhyming story text is followed by eleven pages full of educational information about ancient Egypt, gods and goddesses, a helpful map, and much more.
Ages 4 to 10 years
Written By: Laurie Krebs
Illustrated By: Anne Wilson

This is an amazing introduction to Egypt!

5. We All Went on Safari: 

Books for Africa edition


A Counting Journey Through Tanzania

This book will ship directly to children in schools and libraries across Africa.

Learn to count in Swahili while discovering African animals on an exciting safari through the grasslands of Tanzania. Facts about Tanzania, Swahili counting, the Maasai people and a map are included at the end.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each book will be donated to the African Wildlife Foundation, to aid in their wildlife conservation and community building efforts in Tanzania.
Ages 4 to 10 years
Written By: Laurie Krebs
Illustrated By: Julia Cairns

This is a wonderful, educational book about Tanzania!

Visiting other cultures near or far, if you're off for an adventure, indeed have an amazing time and a fun, relaxing time, just all being together. Please drop me a note and let me know what's on your list to bring.

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“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” — C. S. Lewis

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