And To All A Good Knight

About The Barefoot Book of Knights
You will read of tales about Knights from seven different countries, connected by the story of Tom, the Page. Tom learns values and skills of becoming a knight and is mentored by Master William, who tells him the stories in this book. Each story is adventurous, clever and highlights the good values and chivalry of the knights, especially bravery.

Book w/ CD editions include stories read by actor Anthony Stewart Head. Paperback w CD costs $15.99

For Ages 8 and up
It's retold by: John Matthews
Beautifully illustrated by: Giovanni Manna
Narrated by: Anthony Head

Recently I received a note from William of
I had a fun-time on the site and spent lots of time there. It's good for kids and young adults.

"Each week The Hazardous Players offers up a new chapter in the adventures of good Sir Cottington and Sir Bratwurst.  Listen as they reluctantly stumble their way through the land of Udenland, while trying to avoid being eaten by any number of terrifying beasts. Along the way they meet several of the eccentric members of Udenland society who more often than not, prove a greater challenge than the terrifying beasts.
Fortunately for the knights they have with them the Henchwoods Guides, the essential guides for identifying the myriad of creatures and plants which pose a threat to their safety and generally well being.  Regularly the guide is updated with illustrations and facts about new discoveries, including everything from migration habits to the best way to avoid being eaten (usually involves running)."
                                                photo credit: KNIGHTTIME

You might want to stop by and listen to an interview  Finding Wonderland

photo credit: KNIGHTTIME

If you enjoy a good twisted tale, please visit the world of Knighttime, where things can get weird. You'll meet so many characters, like this one.

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