The Gift by Carol Ann Duffy

I received this beautiful book from one of my daughters on Mother's Day. It is an elegant hardcover book for all ages, written exquisitely by Carol Ann Duffy and delightfully decorated with doily-like illustrations that remind me of powdered sugar designs (snowflakes) on top of a cake. The pictures are so dainty and airy as you can see from the photos below. I love this book. Guaranteed, this story will make you cry. If you love life and family then the book is a must for you. We just had a 4 generation family reunion and this book, The Gift, is the perfect present... "Give me your flower necklace and you shall have your wish."

Here's an excerpt from the jacket flap:

"In a quiet town, of a sort not found nowadays, lives a beautiful young girl. One summer day, she visits the woods with her mother and father. While her parents prepare the picnic, she seeks out buttercups and daisies for a flower necklace. As she does so, a wish forms in her mind - and to her surprise, a silver-haired woman appears, ready to grant it.

Carol Ann Duffy's story of a girl's journey through life, and the desires that shape it, will speak to everyone who wonders about the mysteries that lie at the heart of the human experience."

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The Gift

The exceptional talents of Carol Ann Duffy and papercut artist Rob Ryan combine to present the story of a girl’s journey through life and the desires that shape it. With a kind of magic that is timeless, The Gift speaks to everyone who wonders about the mysteries that lie at the heart of the human experience.

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