How to Make Felt Squares for Baby

 I really enjoyed making these cute felt squares for our granddaughter. It really takes no time at all to make. For more information from the professionals on "how to make felt squares," visit one of my favorite crafting blogs,

Here's what the squares can look like. Endless possibilities, really.

Felt is a type of cloth. It is made by soaking fibres in water and then compressing them together. It was commonly used before people knew how to weave.

Barefoot Books offers many board books that have felt-look-alike illustrations by Clare Beaton. I love her work. Have a peek!

To see more detailed images to the pages of the books, search my market place,

I love creating with felt. How about you? Here's one of my favorite additions in my library.
Make It in Minutes: Felt Accessories

Also, I wrote an intel regarding this very cool fiber

Have a favorite felt product?

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  1. The cute socks for the baby are looking very nice. I too have a baby, but cant do anything for him. Job takes all the time. You keep it up. Nice to see such loving things.


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