How To Add Zest to Your Storytelling with Puppets

Are you looking to add zest and imagination to your storytelling?

Folkmanis has a wonderful line of animal finger puppets. One of my favorites is the Hedgehog.

Mini Hedgehog Puppet

 This one sells for $6.99 and you can purchase it here

Hedgehog Finger Puppet

Beware of this "prickly" hedgehog in the garden. This finger puppet is four inches long with soft plush spines.
Ages 3 to 7 years
Produced By: Folkmanis

Craft Fun Felt Finger Puppets for Kid's Play

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Children love to make simple crafts. They also love engaging in dramatic, creative play. A perfect way to combine these two loves is by letting your kids craft fun felt finger puppets. Easy to create and fun to play with, these finger puppets will provide hours of entertainment.
Different Characters and How to Make Them 

1. Princess 

A princess finger puppet can be made from pink felt fabric. Long blonde hair is a classic image for a princess as well. To really make the finger puppet look regal, you might like to add a ring of silver wire, ribbon, or other trim for a crown. To make a princess gown, you can use a piece of gathered lace as a fancy skirt. 

MiniFox Puppet

Fox Finger Puppet

Can you outwit a sly fox in the forest? This clever finger puppet is four inches long.
Ages 3 to 8 years
Produced By: Folkmanis
Purchase $7.99 at Puppets
 2. Lion

A lion finger puppet should be made out of tan or golden colored felt. Cutting a fringed mane out of brown or orange felt is a good idea. You can glue it around the drawn on face. Make sure to make the face look like a cat face with a triangle nose and whiskers. You can also glue on a long golden tail at the back for more realism. 

Mini Owl Barn Puppet

Owl Finger Puppet

Perch this spotted owl on your finger and see if he shares some wisdom. This finger puppet is four inches tall.
Ages 3 to 8 years
Produced By: Folkmanis 
$6.99 Finger Puppet

3. Scary Witch 

A witch finger puppet would be fashioned from black or another dark colored felt. Straggly black hair and perhaps a green face would look great on this one. You can fashion a pointed witch hat out of sturdy black paper and glue it on the top of the head. 

Bunny Rabbit Finger Puppet

Bunny Rabbit Finger Puppet

Hop, hop, hop through the flowers! This adorable two-toned bunny finger puppet is five inches long.
Ages 3 to 8 years
Produced By: Folkmanis 
Price $7.99 My Marketplace

4. Rabbit 

Making a felt finger puppet rabbit is another cute idea. Rabbits can be white, grey, or brown and should have long ears, pink noses, and white bellies. Gluing a small white pom-pom to the back for a cotton tail is a great idea. 

Mini Moose Puppet

Moose Finger Puppet

Explore the snowy north with this chocolate brown moose. This finger puppet is six inches long.
Ages 3 to 8 years
Produced By: Folkmanis 
$7.99  Store

5. Super Hero
Craft a super hero finger puppet in bright blue and red felt. Make sure to put on a gold ribbon belt and a super hero symbol on the chest. Use a piece of thinner fabric or felt to make a cape down the back. Instead of hair, you might want the super hero puppet to have a brightly colored helmet on.
Kids love to craft and play with these fun felt finger puppets. With different colors of felt and their imaginations, they can create different characters and whole different dramatic plays with them. With the simple materials and easy instructions, this is one craft that needs limited supervision.

Original article by Melanie L. Marten

Mini Black Bear Puppet

Black Bear Finger Puppet

Wander through the forest with this cuddly black bear. This finger puppet is six inches long.
Ages 3 to 7 years
Produced By: Folkmanis 
$7.99 Barefoot Books

Another great resource for Fuzzy Fun Finger Puppets:,-fun-finger-puppets-craft/

Educational Ideas for All Ages Making Puppets:

Have fun making these cute finger puppets and spending hours of entertainment with these animal characters.  Mini puppets make excellent gift giving for preschool and kindergarten teachers for their kid's birthdays. Let me know which one is your favorite. Do stop by and tell me what puppet you and your child have successfully made over the years.

-- LadyD with Barefoot Books

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