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STORY TIME FOR ME is a unique literary website designed specifically for toddlers and children in early elementary school, allowing them to read and listen to enjoyable, online interactive picture books.  We also offer a one-of-a-kind animated personalized book.


As a grandmother of 3 grandsons all under the age of 4 , I was thrilled to find good quality educational  story books online. This amazing website offers two free books to view so I started with Fern Meets Some Indian Animals. While the book was rapidly loading, I was pleasantly greeted with a simple sing-along, upbeat greeting. I loved it! First impressions are always good.

The narrative is highlighted to easily read along with while hearing a pleasant voice reading aloud around 10-12 pages or so with a running time of 2-5 minutes for each book. The brightly colored illustrations are so beautiful.  In this special book, Fern learns about special animals from India. What a fun way to learn about different cultures online.

As a piano teacher, I especially loved seeing a marching band and hearing instrument sounds in the book, Fern's Parade Adventure. What a wonderful selection of books in their library to choose from, starting with animals, nature, seasons, friendship, entertainment, holidays, concepts, travel, adventure and more. 

I highly recommend Story Time For Me. It's a must for all kids, parents and grandparents, too.
Enjoy quality time learning and reading together. I'm very impressed with this reading resource.

So, let all your friends and family know about getting up to 10 free online interactive children's storybooks. To Take advantage of this free offer, fill out the form below. You can skip the form and get 10 free books by going directly to the website and refering your friends. Details are below the form. Thanks and enjoy your free books!

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 Happy Reading!
-- LadyD

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