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Fortitude is a new online magazine that I have a good feeling about. I was impressed from the beginning and immediately signed up for a one year membership.  Fortitude is very similar to Qondio in that you write articles and submit them for everyone to read, but what makes it different is that on Fortitude you get paid for what you write.

Now for every article that hits the front page, Fortitude will pay writers between $10 and $100 for articles/poems or essays that make their front page. Fortitude magazine offers quality content provided by its community of writers that is voted for by its community. Visit their site:
Writing is something I absolutely love to do and hope to get better at. I took the first step in trying to create “Front Page” quality articles and posted my submission. I was delighted to see that my article The Three R's of Singing was on the Front Page of Fortitude's "Launch Day", June 7th! Wow, right away I had made money back from my initial investment! It is definitely true! Fortitude is paying members for contributing content. My Front Page Article
So what will you write about? Any content can be submitted. It can be an article, a short story, an essay, or even a rant. Also any topic is acceptable as long as the content is original, written by you, and hasn't been published anywhere.
Besides publishing pieces, you are also getting paid for reviewing other members' works and pieces. The review process is simple and straight-forward. You read a member's submission and based on your own judgment, select a score of 1 - 10 and your review is completed. Each review you have completed will earn you $0.02.
Fortitude has an excellent Affiliate Program, too!
Signing up for a full account in Fortitude costs $1.99 per month but if you just want to take part in the affiliate program, you can just sign up for a Scout Account (affiliate account) completely free to promote Fortitude and earn commission.
Residual Rates
You will be paid $1 in instant cash for every piece published on the Front Page by any user you referred to Fortitude, for life.
This is a great home business opportunity. I hope you will join our active community of writers!
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