Green Elephants Garden Sculptures: Who's In Your Garden?

Green Elephants Garden Sculptures
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My husband loves the idea of planting seeds,because he assures me that in the end they will sprout more quickly and endure and surpass starter plants in size and the overall quality of the plant. I suspect that many of you, like me, find the lure of instant gratification would be too hard to resist and that we would be at Home Depot buying our tomato starter plants right away! For those of you who have outdoor spaces, which philosophy do you adhere to? Seeds or starter plants?

From around the world there have been many unusual yet so beautiful are the gardens!

"Topiary Gardens at Washington Old Hall, Tyne & Wear, U.K. The greenery in Washington Old Hall, an English manor house that was an ancestral home of George Washington, is formed in a charming lattice pattern the appears to curve up and under perfectly—a nice change from the typical teddy bear and elephant topiaries."
"Quai Branly Museum, Paris
Designed by vertical garden innovator Patrick Blanc, the façade of this lovely Parisian museum features Japanese plants and irises, Helxine (a moss-like creeper with delicate foliage), and a host of other lush greenery. Metal constructs prevent it from reaching the windows, creating a wild—yet clean—effect for passersby, who often stop to touch the plants at the ground level."

Barefoot Books offers a large format board book for $14.99 called Who's In The Garden written by Phillis Gershator and illustrated by Jill McDonald.

Who's in the Garden?

In this delightful peek-a-boo book, children are invited to look through the holes on every other page to answer the repeating refrain, “Who’s coming to see how my garden grows?” The energetic, rhyming text introduces all sorts of creatures that are busy in the garden.

So in my garden I have mushroom compost.

You'll also find a field of brightly colored Poppies and vegetables just waiting to take off.

I'll keep you posted with my garden growing. So how about you... what's in your garden?

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