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Driving through Big Sur was a wonderful experience. How lovely to see sky, water and trees. I was reminded of the Faerie's Gift with a story CD read by Niamh Cusack. I love Tanya's Forward:

"The original seed of this tale was told to me by Eibhis De Barra on the magical Isle of Cape Clear, off the coast of Southern Ireland. A story of faerie ingenuity and human generosity, it can be found in many forms across many cultures."

The Faerie's Gift
Breathtaking gift edition hardcover with CD!
Enter a magical forest where a woodcutter is granted one wish after saving the life of a fairy. The woodcutter must make a difficult decision when faced with the needs of his wife, his father, and his mother. His ingenious and touching choice is at the heart of this traditional tale. Book with CD edition includes story read by actress Niamh Cusack.

Ages 4 to 9 years

Retold By: Tanya Robyn Batt

Illustrated By: Nicoletta Ceccoli

Narrated By: Niamh Cusack

The Faerie's Gift has all the elements a story book should; thought provoking, well developed characters taking a journey, while revealing important, relative lessons in life. The Faerie's Gift is a magical tale that presents an ordinary man with an extraordinary opportunity to change four lives. There is only one catch: he only gets one wish. This delightful tale shows how a thoughtful approach to life can be very beneficial.

The story itself is well written and easy for children to read. The illustrations are so beautiful. The voice of the narrator is so charming and calming that she just draws you into the magic of the story. Yes, with the ending you're in for a delightful surprise. Yep, I cried tears of joy! I love this book. To order yours, go to:

"We all wish for things daily without thinking-
small wishes, big wishes, soon forgotten wishes-
but if you really could wish for whatever your heart desired,
what would you wish for?"

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