Jen Wojtowicz- The Boy Who Grew Flowers

If you’re looking for a great children’s book this Valentine's Day, you’ll definitely want to check out and cuddle up with The Boy Who Grew Flowers. I highly recommend it for 6-10 year olds. To top it off, the book is on sale for $14.99 This touching story promotes acceptance of the things that make us all different. You children will enjoy the illustrations that help depict how special we all are in our own ways. But don’t take my word for it. Purchase The Boy Who Grew Flowers
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Read Alone: Ages 6-10
Read Together: Ages 4-8
The Boy Who Grew Flowers - Hardcover
Book of the Year Award Finalist 2005, ForeWord Magazine
Rink's grandmother was raised by wolves, his Uncle Dud tames rattlesnakes, and Rink grows beautiful flowers all over his body when the moon is full. Townspeople just don't understand the Bowagons. But one day a new girl named Angelica arrives at Rink's school, and he soon discovers she has some unique qualities too.
Using humor and metaphor to promote acceptance, this touching story shows us that what makes us different makes us beautiful.
The Book has some great reviews:
Awards and Honors:
Book of the Year Award Finalist 2005, ForeWord Magazine
Recent praise:
"This is a wonderful story that teaches about accepting differences - and even celebrating them."
- Library Media Connection
"Children who struggle to fit in at school will find a hero in the star of this debut children's book. Adams's incandescent illustrations, painted on textured boards in deep blues and green integrate flowers and full moons scattered across the pages, and the characters' faces look almost will remind [young readers] of the power of kindness."
- Publishers Weekly
"Artful compositions, intriguingly varied perspectives, and a gorgeous palette make these whimsical, expressive paintings suitable for framing. An odd, lovely offering."
- Booklist
"[The] story is one that celebrates individuality and self-acceptance. The illustrations are done in acrylics on board and the way the texture of the wood shows through gives the lovely paintings a folksy quality. The luminous scenes and soulful relationship between Rink and Angelina make this story a joy to read." - School LIbrary Journal
"Acrylic paintings are the perfect accompaniments to the author's debut story of courage and friendship. A shy boy named Rink, who grows flowers from his body during the full moon, befriends the new girl, Angelina, who has one leg shorter than the other. He makes her special shoes that change her life. With his use of soft colors and subtle details, Adam's ethereal paintings pull the reader into the page." - ForeWord Magazine
About The Author
I enjoyed reading about Jen Wojtowicz. She was inspired to write this story because of her brother, who has autism.

About The Illustrator
Steve Adams
Steve is an award-winning illustrator based in Montreal. After finishing his studies of graphic design in 1994, he traveled to Europe for an advanced training course in design. Upon his return, Steve began collaborating with various publications including
The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune and American Lawyer. Further reading: 206

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