Child's First Book of Philosophy

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet the author, A.B. Curtiss, at the Wild Animal Park
in San Diego. I was pleased that she signed her two books for me, In The Company of Bears and Legend of the Giant Panda.

* In The Company of Bears
Winner of a Benjamin Franklin Award and a perennial teacher's favorite, IN THE COMPANY OF BEARS has already won a place for itself in children's literature. Some have called it a child's first book of philosophy.
In this whimsical tale, wise and wonderful polar bears have discovered the secret of time, seeing all things exactly and precisely as they are:
"To a BEAR, a kettle's a kettle.
To a BEAR, a pot is a pot.
Bears never call anything something
That anything is not."
The bears remind us of the beauty of simplicity and unhurriedness and warn us that to reach any place worthwhile:
'You can't go by clock or by mile,
You have to go by heart.
And the path of the heart is the hardest to take
For the heart will not fool and the heart will not fake."

* Legend of the Giant Panda
How did the Giant Pandas get their black markings? Here is a story that tells you just how it happened. "Oh, it was a long and a dark day" when all the pandas, who were once completely white, fought a great fire dragon that tried to destroy their beloved bamboo forest.
This is also the story of a wise old gatekeeper who loved and protected the wilderness for his good friends the pandas. When the old wise man loses his life fighting the fire dragon, the pandas realize that there is no one left who will protect the forest for them. They learn at last who is the real keeper of their forest.
For more information on her other books, visit her site

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