Pinata Peeking

Pinata Blind fold
No Peeking!

Taking a swing at the Pinata
Taking a swing!

Waiting for a turn at the Pinata
Waiting your turn!

Girls' turn at the pinata
Girl's turn!

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Photo Edit

Elizabeth Dulemba provided this cute pinata illustration and I enjoyed adding a bit of color to it in PhotoShop. If you enjoy creativity projects, be sure and visit her fun blog

We celebrated my grandson's 6th birthday at the park with family and friends. Of course, the hitting at the pinata was the hit of the party! Have you ever made your very own pinata?


What Is A Pinata?

 A piñata is a container often made of papier-mâché, pottery, or cloth; it is decorated, and filled with small toys or candy, or both, and then broken as part of a ceremony or celebration. Piñatas are commonly associated with Mexico. The idea of breaking a container filled with treats came to Europe in the 14th century, where the name, from the Italian pignatta, was introduced. Read more, wikipedia

Children's Birthday Party on YouTube

Pianata Song 

I have heard folks sing this song while the children are swinging at the pinata!

Dale, dale, dale.
No pierdas el tino.
Porque si lo pierdes.
Pierdes el camino.
Ya le diste una.
Ya le diste dos.
Ya le diste tres.
Y tu tiempo se acabó.

Hit it, hit it, hit it.
Don’t lose your aim.
Because if you lose it.
You lose the way.
You hit it once.
You hit it twice.
You hit it three times.
And your time is up.


(D)Dale, dale (A7)dale
No pierdas el (D)tino
Por que si lo (A7)pierdes,
Pierdes el (D)camino
Ya le diste(A7)uno
Ya le diste (D)dos
Ya le diste (A7)tres
Y tu tiempo se (D)acabo


Making A Pinata

How To Make A Pinata

Family Crafts


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