Sherlock and Shakespeare

A Fairy Song

Over hill, over dale,
Thorough bush, thorough brier,
Over park, over pale,
Thorough flood, thorough fire!
I do wander everywhere,
Swifter than the moon's sphere;
And I serve the Fairy Queen,
To dew her orbs upon the green;
The cowslips tall her pensioners be;
In their gold coats spots you see;
Those be rubies, fairy favours;
In those freckles live their savours;
I must go seek some dewdrops here,
And hang a pearl in every cowslip's ear.
All Photos for Blue Monday and Mellow Yellow Monday

After a leisurely stroll amidst the yellow mustard fields nearby and walking passed the beginning blooms of a blue royal madera plant, my grandson who is 4, discovered a few thing along the nature path. I used PhotoShop for this "bug" but I tell you, one simple magnifying glass from the Dollar Store provides tons of fun!

  Sherlock is all set for spring with his binoculars, butterfly cage and magnifying glass!

Book Sharing Monday

Barefoot Book of Stories from the Opera

The Barefoot Book of Stories from the Opera

Watch as the curtains open and the opera begins. The seven operatic stories in this beautiful collection are each proceeded by an introduction about the origins of the story. There are also extensive notes about opera houses, behind-the-scenes terminology, famous opera houses and composers, and more. Book with double CDs edition includes stories read by actress Miranda Richardson.

Ages 8 and up

Retold By: Shahrukh Husain
Illustrated By: James Mayhew
Narrated By: Miranda Richardson

The reviews on this paperback book with 2 cds is wonderful. I have sold this one to some of piano students who homeschool. The illustrations are great.

Happy Reading on a Blue Monday!

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” — C. S. Lewis
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