Tony's On The Pier

Redondo Beach Restaurant
 "Tony's on the pier" is a wonderful restaurant, along with so many others that you will find in one location.  It is like a mini shopping mall, including a fish market with a tank full of crabs.
I just love seafood. How about you?  

I was visiting a cousin over the weekend and took this photo for Blue Monday.

Redondo Beach Harbor and Pier
Aside from restaurants and hotels, there is excellent fishing off the pier. I'm pretty sure in the state of California, a fishing license is not required to fish off the pier. The pier itself is so wide that it looks like a huge slab for a dance floor. You'll find jazz concerts held there during summer months. What does your pier like where you live? Ours is long and narrow with only one restaurant on the pier and a few around the harbor. 

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Portside Pirates: Barefoot Books Publishers

This paperback book and pirate activity sticker book,  is quite popular with my 3 grandsons. What I particularly like is that the stickers are reusable, so you will lots of activity time together. To see some pirate pictures and more information regarding the children's book, visit a former blog post, Childrens Books About Pirates

In 2010 I had a little time to experiment in iMovie on my computer. So I put together some slides and created the above video. I've got a grandson's birthday coming up in a few months so the pirate theme will be so much fun!

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“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” — C. S. Lewis
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