Indian Mask

Indian gourd mask

I have enjoyed attending the Wellborne Gourd Farm for many years. They are the largest producer of dry, clean, thick hard shell organic gourds! Craftsman, musicians and hobbyists come from all over to buy all sizes and shapes of gourds for their own personal use. Unfortunately, they are no longer in business but it's been a wonderful 30 years for them. With water increases and economical hard times, these have been quite challenging times for the farmers. For today, I wanted to share my favorite gourd artwork with you...

Indian Mask

For Blue Monday
For Mandarin Orange Monday 
For Mellow Yellow Monday 

Native American Masks

Masks have been part of dance regalia and traditional ceremonies in many Indian tribes since ancient times. The most renowned native mask-makers were the Northwest Coast Indians, who carved elaborate cedar dance masks. For more information, visit Native Languages

India and Himalaya Masks

If you would like to see collections of masks from Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, India and Sri Lanka, stop by

Tribal Masks 

For collectors and folk art lovers, you'll want to see these masks from Africa, India, the Himalayas, China, Korea, Java, Bali, New Guinea, Mexico, Guatemala, the Caribbean, North and South America. You'll also find masks for Halloween, Party, Drama and Art. Check out Masks of the World.

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Mama Panya's Pancakes

I always think of masks around Halloween time. Will you be wearing one? My grandchildren are too young, so they'll have painted noses and whiskers, what fun! My brother-in-law has a wall collection of masks he acquired on his trips to Mexico and South America. They are really something to see. Do you like Mardi Gras, Indian, Italian Opera masks... maybe Zorro or Batman masks?

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