Books About Autumn

Pumpkin Butterfly

Pumpkin Butterfly: Poems from the Other Side of Nature
Fall Is Fun

Fall Is Fun (First Graphics: Seasons)

Zelda and Ivy, The Runaways

The Runaways (Zelda and Ivy (Prebound)
Autumn: An Alphabet Acrostic
Autumn: An Alphabet Acrostic

These four books are good ones and I loved reading them with my grandson. This one is my favorite! We have this one in our library. It is available in paperback w/ story cd for $9.99

The Gigantic Turnip
 Find out what happens when the old woman, the old man, and all twenty-one animals on the farm try to harvest a rather large root vegetable. This well-loved Russian tale uses humor, counting and repetition to appeal to beginner readers. Book with CD editions include story read by Ellen Verenieks.

Ages 3 to 7 years
Let's have a peek inside:

Written By: Aleksei Tolstoy
Illustrated By: Niamh Sharkey

Narrated By: Ellen Verenieks

Children's Activity

You Will Need: 

1 group of children
1 enthusiastic adult
1 rope (6 feet or longer)
1 bag of vegetables

* Show a bag of vegetables. Get them to guess what's in the bag. Finally, show a turnip!
* Read story aloud and ask kids to listen carefully. Next time assign parts.
* You will need 6 yellow canaries, 5 white geese, 4 black cats, 2 pot-bellied pigs, 1 brown cow, 1 old man, 1 old woman and one old mouse.
* Get a rope and the children will line up in order as you call their names aloud, while the turnip is on the other side.
* Discuss who it was that pulled up the turnip!

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Taking a walk outside, I came across these "yellow thingies" and thought to myself, this image would go well with Mellow Yellow Monday!

Mellow Yellow Monday

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” — C. S. Lewis

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