Dealing With Cyberbullies

Dealing with Cyberbullies l Barefoot Books-LadyD

Dealing With Cyberbullies

Never arrange to meet someone you met online unless your parents, friends, or a trusted adult go with you. If you are meeting them, make sure it is in a public place. As a grandma of 5, I read lots of information on this very important subject. I like to stay informed. Here are a few great suggestions.

Tips For Kids

Ignore the person. Sometimes the easiest thing to do is to ignore the person and go about your business. Log-off if the harassment is bothering you.

Block or delete the person. If it is a happening on Instant Messaging or some other place online that requires a "buddy list," you can block certain users based upon their username, or delete them if they are in your buddy list. You can also block e-mails that are being received from specific e-mail addresses.

Change your information. If someone has hacked into your profile, change your password. If someone repeatedly sends you messages (like, "add me to your buddy list" over and over), consider changing your username or e-mail address.

If there is a profile that was created about you without your knowledge, contact the company which runs the site to have the profile or language taken off.

If you are upset about what is being said, talk to someone you trust. Don't feel like you're alone. Many times, you are able to take care of the cyber-bullying on your own. Sometimes, it gets out of hand, though, and it's helpful to talk to an adult about what is going on. If you feel scared or overwhelmed, maybe even trapped, it's definitely time to talk to an adult, inform your Internet Service Provider and possibly call the police if you are getting physical threats.

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