King for the Day!

colorful balls made in Sri Lanka

Grandson sitting in chair at Barefoot Books studio

Barefoot Concord Studio

Mrs. Moon and Mother Goose Remembers HC w CD

King for the Day!

Our grandson is turning 7 and recently went on a road trip to a fabulous place for children and parents. It's a magical community center where families can browse for books and hear live storytelling, music arts and crafts. For those that live on the east coast, have you been there before? Oh, let me share a little bit about the place with you.

Barefoot Books Studio in Concord, Massachusetts

Wikipedia says,

Barefoot Books is an independent children's book publisher based in Bath, UK and Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. The company began as a home business in 1992 and was founded by Nancy Traversy and Tessa Strickland. It is now an international business, with offices in the United States and in the United Kingdom. Barefoot Books are sold via several outlets, including independent shops and through the company's "Barefoot Books Ambassador" program. Ambassadors are individuals who sell Barefoot Books products through home parties, community, and school events.

Barefoot Books is a registered member of the Direct Selling Association. The company also has 3 retail locations: The Barefoot Books Studio in Concord, Massachusetts, The Barefoot Books Boutique at FAO Schwarz in Manhattan, New York, and as of Oct 2011, The Barefoot Books Studio in Oxford, England.

A number of books published by the company come with "watch and sing along" CDs. Notable voice performers who have recorded sing alongs for Barefoot Books are Fred Penner and SteveSongs. Besides books, the company also sells story & music CDs, puzzles, puppets and other educational toys.

Photos for Blue Monday and Mandarin Orange Monday

Barefoot Books-LadyD participates in two wonderful photo memes every Monday. Hope you'll join in the fun and see what other bloggers post from around the world. I just love all the vibrant photos I'm posting today, especially the colorful balls from Sri Lanka... plus, my #1 grandson and I can't wait to see what you're sharing today.

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Happy Reading!

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