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At the San Diego Safari Park, this fabulous bird slowly turned around to see who was approaching him from the rear. Perhaps I startled him and encroached upon his meditation hour. I don't really know, but I've never seen this unique species before... have you? I am so fortunate to live nearby the Safari Park. I know there's a lot of zoo's in the world but this special outdoor park is so vast and has tons of flora and fauna.

Growing on the north side of our home, we have a potted dragon fruit tree. I have written about them before, here and have shared their fruit with you at... This spectacular yellow bloom opens up in the morning just for a little while. The cool thing is that there's quite a few more to enjoy!

For Book Sharing Monday

A wonderful collection of poems for ages 8 and up. This is my all-time favorite book.
The Barefoot Book of Classic Poems

Here's an excerpt from the book.

 The Birds

Do you ask what the birds say?
The sparrow, the dove,
The linnet and thrush say:
I love and I love.

In the Winter they're silent,
The wind is so strong;
What it says I don't know
But it sings a loud song.

But green leaves and blossoms,
And sunny, warm weather,
And singing, and loving,
All come back together.

But the lark is so brimful
Of gladness and love,
The green fields below him,
The blue sky above.

That he sings and he sings
And forever sings he:
I love my love
And my love loves me.

-- Samuel Taylor  Coleridge
Have a great week ahead!

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” — C. S. Lewis
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