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Barefoot Books spotlights the new 2011-2012 catalogs! See them online and have fun viewing here 
The UK catalog can be viewed online here

Illustrator Spotlight: Micha Archer

Micha Archer of western Massachusetts describes her work as 'bold, joyful, vibrant, and colorful.' A world traveler, her sense of color and pattern is influenced by the folk art, crafts, and architecture of India, Nepal, West Africa, and Mexico, amongst other countries. After earning her degree in Multicultural Education, she worked in education, where she realized the remarkable educational value of beautiful illustrations. Working with gouache, watercolors, pen and ink, and collage, she creates layered pieces from various materials like tissue paper and even homemade stamps made from cut-up bicycle tire inner tubes! She also creates sculpture, and has done numerous book covers and illustrations for various publishers, including Cricket Magazine.

Micha's research into the subject matter and setting of the books she illustrates is fully apparent in her other upcoming title with Barefoot Books, The Wise Fool. In Lola's Fandango, Micha has created playful, often humorous illustrations with texture, movement, color, and expression that have brought Lola and her family to life with the same characteristic duende that Lola herself possesses.

I LOVE Micah's handiwork. Her visual concepts truly bring life to any printed word. Indeed, a very talented young lady. To see more of her work, visit

Enjoy the world of multi cultural children's books with award winning Barefoot Books!

-- LadyD

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