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Baby's First Journal

Capture the precious memories of your baby's first year in this spiral and cloth bound journal. With special sections for your baby's "firsts" and favorites, photographs, captions and more, all the important moments will be saved for years to come. Includes six colorful pockets for holding mementos and keepsakes.
For babies to 2 years
Illustrated By: Clare Beaton
 Hardcover $24.99
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Here's an example:

Baby Music Ideas

Top 10 Baby Music Ideas
1) Humm. Humming does not have to have any kind of a melody. With an infant this is especially effective if you and your baby are skin to skin and heart to heart on your chest. With a toddler just snuggle up and start!
2) The sound of the heart is an “Ahhhh.” Hold your infant on your chest with your own head to the right so that you are heart to heart. Focus on the love you have for your child and say/sigh “Ahhhhh.”
3) Sing them a lullaby
4) Talk with them in a sing-song voice that rises and falls in an exaggerated way.
5) Sing their name to them over and over.
6) Play the musical face game (4-5 months and up) Assign different parts of their face a sound. For example: cheek-squeek, nose-sliding sound, forhead-pop). Then touch and “play” the different parts.
7) Make up a diaper changing song.
8) Mimic sounds around the house. For example: humm with the refrigerator, whish with the washing machine, vrooooommm with the cars passing by…
9) Mimic the sounds of nature. For example: birds singing, water rippling in a brook, rain falling…
10) Tap a rhythm gently on your baby’s back either while you sing or as you listen to music. Sway to rhythms that you hear throughout the day.
By incorporating music and rhythm into your day with your baby you are creating “sound” memories that will last a lifetime.
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