Book Review: One City, Two Brothers

One City, Two Brothers

One City, Two Brothers

Listen to Solomon as he tells the story of two brothers who learn the true meaning of peace and selflessness in this traditional tale that has been shared for hundreds of years in mosques, synagogues, and churches across the Near East and beyond.

This timely folktale of how Jerusalem came to be is about mutual understanding and kind acts toward one another.

Product Details:

Ages 5 to 11 years

Written By: Chris Smith

Illustrated By: Aurélia Fronty

Publisher: Barefoot Books

Binding Hardcover

Reading Level Ages 4-8

# of Pages 32

ISBN-10 1846860423

ISBN-13 978-1846860423

* About The Author:

Chris Smith is a storyteller who has also worked with UNICEF and Oxfam on the West Bank and in Gaza. The power of traditional stories is a source of inspiration for Chris, and he wrote this book to combine his love of story with the wish for the people of Israel and Palestine to find peace.

* About The Book

In this traditional folk tale with stunning illustrations, two brothers share a field but live on opposite sides of the valley. When one season provides a particularly good harvest, the brothers each recognize their blessings and decide what to do with their extra grain. The heartwarming result addresses all of the values of love, compassion, and brotherhood.

* A truly uplifting and hopeful tale of both family and compassion. This tale serves as a reminder that peace can exist in any situation.

* Religious subject matter appeals to many faiths; nicely articulated with an informative end note.
* The bright yet simple illustrations fill the pages, perfectly accompanying this magnificent story.

* My Review:

This story is filled with warmth and love. It teaches the valuable lesson of caring for each other and the importance of family. Children and parents of all ages will appreciate One City, Two Brothers. You might want to purchase a copy for your children's preschool teacher so she can include it with one of the character traits she teaches.

Chris Smith explains in his author's note that he draws the linked stories of "One City, Two Brothers" not from scripture but from an oral folktale told for generations by both Jews and Arabs living in the Holy Land.

'One City, Two Brothers' by Chris Smith is a striking looking book-Aurelia Fronty, the illustrator has used brilliant blues, greens, orange and reds that instantly attract the eye. The inside cover shows white doves flying by red-heart shaped flowers. Each page is beautifully illustrated and any child or adult will be pleasantly surprised with this book.

The story is one of two parables- two sets of brothers; one who love each other and do everything in their power to share their goods and love each other. The other set are always quarreling and seek Solomon to solve their dilemma. Solomon tells them the story of the two brothers who shared their lives and their goods and the place where they met became a place of peace called Jerusalem. Children will come to understand the moral that loving and assisting each other instead of squabbling with each other is the higher ground and the best road to take. The story of Jerusalem is an additional teaching lesson- both Arabs and Jews want Jerusalem as their own. The history of that area is rich in stories and lore.

'One City, Two Brothers' has been nominated as finalist for the Cybil Awards. "Because The Cybil's is a blogger-run, blogger-inspired awards process, we operate with the expectation of openness and transparency. Any reader can nominate a book through the Cybil blog" Cybil Award Blog.

This book receives high marks from me. A beautiful story told in parable form and a beautifully illustrated book with rich strong colors.

Highly Recommended.

"Discover a story kept alive by the power of its message!"

Happy Reading!
~ LadyD

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