Review: Thesaurus Rex by Laya Steinberg

Today was a good day at the Farmer's Market! The sun greeted me early this a.m. with a promise that it would be 1 degree cooler! lol I met some new friends from the beach area who stopped by our local Farmer's Market!

What a beautiful Mom and oh so cute baby boy... and I got to hold him, such joy! And you know that kind of smile... when he smiles at me, the sun comes out and you feel like you've been to the moon and back!

In spite of warm temperatures, folks were shopping for vegetables and hummus dips and yes, of course, Barefoot Books! One particular favorite with boys ages 3-7 is Thesaurus Rex!

Thesaurus Rex
Follow this mischievous dinosaur as he frolics, rollicks, frisks and romps. Each colorful page introduces simple synonyms and a fun-filled way to build vocabulary and word recognition.

Ages 3 to 7 years

Written By: Laya Steinberg

Illustrated By: Debbie Harter

My Review:

Thesaurus Rex is a happy blue spotted dinosaur in colorful pants. He frolics, rollicks, frisks and romps. He, hunts, searches, forages and pokes. I love the use of synonyms throughout the story. Repeated readings do help to get younger kids to use repeated words in their regular vocabulary. Thesaurus Rex is easy to read, full of animals and very educational. The illustrations by Debbie Harter are great and so colorful. I particularly love watching little ones stop by and see the joy as their mom's read this delightful paperback book for $6.99 You can order it at my market place:

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Plus, you just might want to order the Dinosaur Puppet!

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